The Sportman's Banquet is an annual event put together by a group of dedication individuals seeking to serve the community on the Church.  With the support of our community and other churches around the state, we see marked improvement for the event each year.   Here's a little snap shot about the Sportman's Banquet

 - First and foremost, we dedicate our event to God.   For whom, without our living God, we have nothing.

 -  Proceeds from the banquet are distributed among multiple charities and needs with our community.  The charity giving is voted on by committee.

- All of our event planning and service is volunteer, just as our church staff and pastors. 

 -  Our banquet is held annual in late September.  We are currently discussing the option of moving the event to the spring.

- Our menu consists of the typical southern BBQ.  Pork, Bean, Slaw, Beans, etc..   No southern dinner is complete without Sweet Tea.   We also have lemonade, water, un-sweet tea for the yankees, and some sodas.   We cook the dinner ourselves, not catered.  It is "All You Can Eat" buffet style.   Each ticket is for two adults and your children 12-under.   

 - We have lots of prizes.  You ticket gives you a chance to win 5 different guns.  You do not need to be present to win.   However, if you do attend, we usually have some special prizes just for being here.   We also have a large raffle during the banquet.  We have set up multiple tables with lots of great stuff.  For example, we have a Hunting table with things like deer stands, feeders, etc..   We have a table with a weekend vacation drawing.  Another table set up for more Home Goods, like a 50-inch 4K TV, ice cream churn, etc..    

-  We have games.  During the event, we will have different games for prizes.  We have a cast-off competition for both kids and adults.  We have a 52 draw.   We have a bag toss/corn hole game for prizes.   We try to offer multiple things that people will enjoy in addition to having really cool prizes for the winner.  

We hope you enjoy yourself.  If there's things that you feel will make our event better, please see one of the staff.   We want you to be as comfortable as possible in the 90+ degree heat and have a great time.