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3821 HWY 34 W

Newnan, GA 30263

2pm - 7pm 


SEPTEMBER 16, 2023

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Schedule of events

2:00PM:    Welcome and Blessing.  Immediately following opening prayer, LET's EAT!!

3:00PM:  1st Gun giveaway - Baretta A300 Ulitmax 12GA

3:15PM:  2nd Gun giveaway - Henry Big Boy Sidegate 45LC

3:30PM:  3rd Gun giveaway - Sig Sauer 365XL Romeo Zero

3:45pm:  4th Gun giveaway - S&W EZ PC 380

4:00PM:  5th Gun giveaway - FN 509 Tactical 9mm

4:15PM: 6th Gun giveaway - Kimber Custom II SS .45cal

4:30PM: 7th Gun giveaway - Bergara B-14 HMR 6.5 Creed

4:45PM: 8th Gun giveaway - Tikka T3X 300WIN

5:00PM:  52 Card Draw &  Raffle drawings

5:15PM:   9th Gun giveaway - S&W M&P15 Sport II .556

5:30PM:  10th Gun giveaway - Franchi Instinct LX 20GA

5:45PM:   Final door prizes and raffle prizes

6:00PM - Closing prayer